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Lūx and Umber are a creative partnership specialising in the site based gilding of interiors and studio based production of artworks.

Our experienced gilding team have worked internationally with a varied portfolio ranging from royal and governmental premises to private residences, yachts and luxury retail.

In addition to the gilding of interior surfaces and architectural features, our studio work includes the production of bespoke verre églomisé artworks, gilded furniture and a broad range of antique mirrors. 


As a process that has defied all methods of modern manufacture, gilding has been classified as an endangered craft by the Heritage Craft Association in recognition of the decline and rarity of master gilders. Lūx and Umber are one of the very few companies that specialise exclusively in the application of precious metals. Our team of skilled artisans seamlessly combines traditional craftsmanship with a modern and innovative approach, delivering beautiful work with unmatched professionalism. Experience the transformative power of gilding and choose our services for a truly exceptional upgrade to elevate your space.

We offer a broad range of gilded finishes for luxury and heritage installations and can work with your reference samples or inspiration images to develop any classic or contemporary design of your choosing. Our bespoke service offers custom finishes designed and created exclusively for your project.


Gilding techniques include oil, acrylic and water gilding in the full spectrum of leaf including platinum, palladium, golds, silver and imitation metals. We can advise on patination, distressing and antiquing effects available for your chosen leaf.


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